It's Not That Complicatded, I Just Want To Kill

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En dan word je uit je chagrijnige bui gerukt door @sietskedenbaars die onder aan raam die roept kom we gaan wijn drinken!!! #vlissingen #kermis #life #like #wijn #wine #friends #drunk #wasted #triplerstatus #wieismetme

King Of The Night - © Marsel van Oosten

Words of Emotion

2012 : A Space Odyssey 


"My head may not be worth much at the moment but this is the head of the man who will eventually become the world’s number one swordsman. If you can’t even protect your captain then your ambition is worthless!"

"What about your ambition, you idiot? Hey big guy! Rather than this moss-head swordsman, take my life instead! The navy might not consider me a threat yet, but in the end the one in this crew who will cause the most trouble is me - Black Leg Sanji!"

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Coco Austin